BITAR CSI!: The Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute Announces the Launch of it’s Educational You Tube Channel.

BITAR CSI! | Fairfax and Manassas, VA

The Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute is pleased to announce that it has launched a new educational initiative, its own You Tube Channel, BITAR CSI.  Our leadership understands that patients are interested in learning about our programs and services in more accessible and personal formats.  We plan to produce short videos on various topics including SkinCare, Lasers, Injectables, and Cosmetic Surgical Procedures.  The videos will include educational presentations by the institute’s staff and premier providers as well as procedural videos demonstrating various treatments being performed.  It is our intention to continue to lead in the Cosmetic Surgery Industry with continued innovation in patient education, aesthetic treatments, and service excellence.  The institute would like to thank staff members Varinia Vigueras and Dr. Robert Centeno for spearheading this effort.  Visit our channel at You Tube Logo