Please Let Me Introduce Myself….

I like to cook.  I’ll thumb through cookbooks for hours, not simply for recipes, but to read about the culture, the story of the herbs and spice, and the chef’s source of inspiration. With a recipe chosen, I head out to a really good market.  I visit the fishmonger with wondrous creatures from the deep, then peak through the window as the butcher breaks a carcass into little gift packages.  I wander past the baker, enjoying the scent of yeast, and watching bread being pulled from the oven, as I imagine the taste of cool butter on a warm slice. I carefully choose my ingredients, then head home to my kitchen.

The knives get a trip along the steel, honing their blades.  This veg, a fine brunoise, and the other a rough chop; a little mincing, then some peeling.  I shuffle through cast iron & all-clad for just the right pan. The recipe is merely a guide.  The sizzle tells me that the oil, chosen for subtle undertones, is at just the right heat.  The veg sweat and the room fills with the scent of home.  A pinch of gray salt rounds out the flavor, giving balance, with just a hint of minerality.  I select a clay bowl, with a rustic brown hue, and ladle the soup.  My spoon travels to the bottom, capturing little morsels for the first taste.  As it passes my lips, I am truly content.

If I take this much thought preparing soup,
Just imagine how I prepare for surgery.
I like cooking…, I love plastic surgery

I feel privileged to join the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute.  My goal is to provide unsurpassed patient care, based on contemporary surgical technique, performed with an artistic eye, and delivered with warmth and personal attention. I love the process:  meeting patients and discussing their goals; assessing anatomy and thoughtfully developing a plan;  operating and making patient feel cared for throughout the process.  I truly am grateful that patients give me the opportunity to have such a positive impact on their lives.  I have learned to never underestimate the importance of how an individual feels about themselves.

I am fortunate to bring to the Institute a wealth of experience in elective cosmetic plastic surgery from nine years in private practice in Baltimore County, and I am a former faculty member of the renowned Cleveland Clinic Florida.  I practiced with the Clinic in Naples, FL, a center of cosmetic surgery, for six years.

I consider Miami my home, but left to attended Princeton University and the NYU School of Medicine, graduating with honors from both institutions.  I served as a general surgery residency at Harvard for five years, culminating in being named administrative chief resident.  My next destination was a plastic surgery fellowship at the University of Pittsburgh, one of the largest and oldest training programs in the discipline, recognized for training leaders in the field and for pioneering techniques used world over in breast and body surgery.

My challenge now is to maintain the standards set by the founder, Dr. George Bitar, and further expand the brand and reputation of the Institute.  I look forward to meeting you, caring for you, and I may also bring soup.