Vein, Vein Go Away…Varicose and Spider Veins Comfortably Treated With Minimally Invasive Techniques

Spider vein treatment northern virginia and washington dcOver 50 percent of the population is affected by physical signs of venous disease.  Typically patients develop unsightly spider veins, painful varicose veins, or in severe cases venous ulceration.   Fortunately, the treatment of these common manifestations of venous disease is much less invasive today than in the past.

Spider vein treatment northern virginia and washington dcThe superficial venous system of the legs is responsible for returning 10% of the blood from the legs back to the heart.  This venous system can malfunction leading to backflow or venous insufficiency.  Common causes of venous system insufficiency include trauma, blood clots, genetics, prolonged sitting or standing, pregnancy and weight gain.  If the superficial system malfunctions, it can be treated without compromising the circulation of the legs.

Gone are the days of painful injections and vein stripping.  Today, newer injectables offer virtually painless solutions to spider veins.  Endovenous lasers can now treat varicose veins  and venous insufficiency without painful stripping and bruising.  Modern vein treatment is now an outpatient procedure performed under local anesthesia in the comfort of the office.  Patients walk into the office, walk out within a short time, and can return to light exercise within a week.  Ask us about our new services!