Weight Loss and Wellness: A Healthy Combination with Plastic Surgery

A Healthy Combination with Plastic Surgery | Fairfax and Manassas, VAThe Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute recently visited the 7 Company Weight Loss & Wellness Center in Leesburg, VA at the Landsdowne Location on January 11, 2012. Represented by Dr. Robert F. Centeno & administrative coordinator April Stettner, we provided information and a presentation on face and body contouring surgery after weight loss. Patients who experience significant weight loss often have excess skin and other contour problems that detract from their quality of life. Body and facial procedures can help patients restore their body image to complement the hard-earned results of their weight loss journey.

The institute is particularly interested in partnering with the 7 Weight Loss & Wellness Center as a result of its wholistic and comprehensive approach to weight loss management. Per Jennifer Seven, President, “7 Company Weight Loss is going beyond just weight loss to help individuals with their healthy lifestyle changes.” The multidisciplinary team at the 7 Weightloss & Wellness Center includes Registered Dieticians, Personal Coaches, Yoga/Pilates/Meditation Instructors, Counselors, and Personal Trainers. “This comprehensive approach to weight loss and wellness clearly complements the lifestyle of Plastic Surgery patients who are empowered to look their best” stated Dr. Centeno. Based on the success of the visit, the institute was invited back to meet with clients of the Center.