Real Patient Stories

K. D.

I met with Dr. Bitar and knew after a few meetings that we would work well together. I asked him extensive questions about my lengthy and complicated procedure. He was and is always available, patient and complete in his responses. He is informative, direct and confidence-inspiring. It is clear that your medical safety and well-being is his primary concern and getting the best possible results a close second.

On May 2, I had a complete lower body lift which included inner and outer thigh lifts, buttock lift and tummy tuck. I am positively thrilled with my results. I had every confidence and faith in Dr. Bitar and he came through for me beautifully. He removed over ten pounds of skin from my lower body, tightened up huge areas of loose skin and resculpted an entirely new lower half of my body. I lost an entire pants size, feel so much better in my clothes, feel wonderful without clothes, and now feel like the results of my large weight loss that I worked so hard to achieve show so much better! I truly feel not like a new person, but that the real person underneath has been revealed. I have become engaged this year and look forward to starting married life with an all new and improved me!*