Real Patient Stories

K. P.

I came to see Dr. Bitar for removal of excess skin from my abdomen and upper arms after dramatic weight loss. He performed an Abdominoplasty and Bilateral Arm Lifts on me and as of the date of this testimonial, I am 6+ months post-surgery. I am very happy with results so far and expect further improvement over the next 4-5 months as the swelling continues to diminish.

I must have consulted with half a dozen plastic surgeons in my search for help with excess skin removal. At my first consultation with Dr. Bitar, I was overwhelmingly impressed with the amount of time he was willing to spend with me. He explained his practice and provided me with the knowledge about the procedures I was considering. At every step, Dr. Bitar was compassionate and concerned about my needs and was very good about explaining the surgical process and what I could expect in the way of results. It was clear to me that Dr. Bitar was impassioned about how he could improve a person’s life and self image through reconstructive surgery.

To say that a great weight has been lifted from me is both an understatement and ironic as I had over 13 lbs of excess skin removed as a result of 150-lb weight loss. I had a huge hanging fold of abdominal skin and big hanging flaps of skin in my underarms. I felt horrible about it. It was both unsightly and very uncomfortable in spite of my dramatic weight loss. I was still very self-conscious about my body because of the folds of excess skin.

I now look and feel better than I have in over ten years. I am still a ‘work-in-progress’ and realize that I must take an active role in my reconstruction recovery through exercise and a healthy life-style. I plan on having more work done to achieve my body image goal, and I will do this with Dr. Bitar’s skilled and compassionate services.

Dr. Bitar’s staff, from administrative to his nursing staff (especially Pat), are beyond superior in attitude, care and concern for his patient’s needs. I have always felt well cared for by them all.*


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