Real Patient Stories

L. F.

Dr. Bitar performed an Abdominoplasty with Hernia Repair and Liposuction to my inner and outer thighs.

I was unhappy about the way I looked. I worked long hours and hard all of my life, and I wanted to do something for me.

Dr. Bitar removed about 7-9lbs of fat during surgery. Most of the fat was removed from my thighs. Since surgery I now have a much flatter stomach and much, much thinner thighs. I also know that I will not see the final results from my surgery until 6 months out. I still have swelling in my mid section. Before surgery I wore a size 18 and now I’m between sizes 14 and 16. Even though I’m wearing a size 14, I have a much flatter stomach…

Since I’ve had surgery I joined a gym (with the blessing to exercise from Dr. Bitar) about 2 months after surgery. … I [still] have work that I must do to make me smaller. Since surgery, I now have energy and the will power to exercise and diet that I never had before. I actually look forward going to the gym.

As for Dr. Bitar’s staff, let me start with Diane (front desk) – cheerful, helpful and very positive. Pat (nurse) – She is the kindest person I’ve ever met. … Pat excels in inter-personal communications, sparks enthusiasm; she is very competent in her job and very professional.

What can I say about the best doctor around? Dr. Bitar constantly seeks to broaden his professional horizons. He attends seminars to maintain his knowledge on current procedures. He is very personable, kind, gentle and always takes time to listen. Dr. Bitar always wants to make sure that you understand the procedure that you are requesting. He will honestly tell you the pros and cons of the procedure. He will give you what time you need and you may call him at anytime. He’s the best!*


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