Real Patient Stories


What sets Dr. Bitar apart from all the others is his sincere dedication to the patient combined with an artistic and tireless vision of how he can help you achieve your cosmetic objectives.

There is a distinct sense that your surgery has been absolutely personalized just for you and that he’s as committed to your concerns as you are. There is not a lot of undue favoring on the results as much as objective analysis of a job well-done and, perhaps more importantly, attendant to the patient’s own analysis.

Dr. Bitar performed full body liposuction on me and my results are outstanding! Rather than just reducing my overall size, as one might expect with weight loss, the procedure truly altered my shape in subtle but significant ways. It actually reduced my clothing size more than had I lost a lot more weight. The strategic reduction of fat made all the difference.

I am in a high-visibility job, often on camera and always in front of people. By feeling as if I look better, and more like my ‘old-self,’ I feel a lot more confident in how I look. But more importantly, I feel happier with the image the public sees now. In my business, first-impressions are often all you get so it’s critical that that impression is a favorable one.

Dr. Bitar and his staff are simply wonderful. He takes the time to get to know you and really discuss options in a non-threatening and very relaxed environment. He’s always responsive to inquiries throughout the process and his staff went way out of their way to accommodate me… They are truly a sincere and dedicated group of professionals that feel like family friends.

When you consider something as serious as invasive elective surgery, you want to feel confident that your doctor and his staff are absolute professionals. But you also want to feel like they are warm, caring people who really do care about you and your results too. Unquestionably, you can find the nexus of these two criteria in Dr. Bitar and I would whole-heartedly recommend him to any family member or friend seeking cosmetic surgery.*


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