Real Patient Stories

Mrs. Victoria Lee, Mrs. North Carolina 2005

My experience with Dr. George Bitar was probably up there in the “top 5” of my life, for many reasons. Having just come out of the most difficult years of my life,I was seeking to fulfill a promise I had made to myself during those years: that I would someday “get back” the breasts I used to have before I had children! and I wasn’t going to waste my money on anyone but the best.

Dr. Bitar came to me highly recommended. I knew from the first phone call that he was literally Godsend. I had never experienced a doctor more attentive, sensitive and caring. Being a doctor- a very busy one at that- I was amazed how he made the time, on his own initiative, to build a rapport relationship with me. A pronounced understanding exuded from him. He cared more about me and my well being that wanting my business.

As far as his work? BRAVO! He gave me the breasts that he could take pride in as well as enhancing my lips. It was always his priority to make everything look as natural as possible for my body, and he succeeded in doing that. I will never go to another doctor for I have been blessed with the best!  Thank you.*

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