Real Patient Stories

N. W.

I had a Bilateral Breast Reduction and Bilateral Upper Blepharoplasties. I feel better physically and even feel that I am once again ‘in control’ of my body and its appearance. I feel proud of myself, that I took action to remedy a problem that could be resolved. I have come to praise plastic surgery and its positive benefits and without hesitation, I would elect plastic surgery again.

Since my surgery I feel better about myself. My self-esteem has been renewed, and I even have a sense of pride that I had the courage to remedy a physical and psychological problem.

I like the fit of my clothes since my surgery and that has restored my confidence in my outward appearance. I am enjoying the compliments of those who ask if I’ve lost weight or those noting that my face looks thinner (because of my, now, opened eyes)! I feel so much better about ‘me’ because I look better and have confidence in that outer appearance which, before my surgery, was clouded by extreme self-consciousness. Now, I feel great! I look great! And I am very, very pleased with the outcome of my surgery.

I have two words to describe Dr. Bitar and his office staff – warmth and compassion. Dr. Bitar and his staff, especially Pat, his nurse, and Diane, his receptionist, made my pre- and post-operative appointments most enjoyable experiences. I felt more like a ‘friend’ than just a patient. Pat and Diane take the time to get to know Dr. Bitar’s patients and their needs. They remember names and greet you with welcoming conversation. You are made to feel that you are cared about and that you are much more than just a name or number to them. Dr. Bitar greets you with enthusiasm and optimism, and it is very evident that he is caring and that he wants to be of help to his patients.

My overall experience with Dr. Bitar and his staff was a most positive one in every respect. Truly, it was a surgical procedure, medicine, with a human touch.*