Real Patient Stories


I came to see Dr. Bitar because I saw what a good experience my sister-in-law had. Her confidence was boosted with a breast augmentation with a reasonable rate. I decided to have a breast augmentation and fat injections to my lip with Dr. Bitar.

I asked for a C cup, like I had when I was breastfeeding my kids. Dr. Bitar made me look proportionate, not overwhelming, head-turning or fake. It felt great when I heard the comment ‘you look really good in that outfit.’ My clothes do fit better. Personally, I feel like I can pick anything out of my existing wardrobe, especially the tank tops I felt too intimidated to wear certain places, and can now expand my wardrobe and feel good in anything.

Professionally and psychologically it is allowing me to get more in touch with my feminine side, not so much a ‘tom boy.’ I feel more confident and sexy for myself and my husband. The best part about my experience with Dr. Bitar and the office staff was how impressed Dr. Bitar was with the results and him asking if I was ready to pose for Playboy.*

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