How to Choose the Right Breast Implant Size

When considering breast augmentation, a patient must decide what size breast implants to get. Many women base their decision solely on the larger bra size they are trying to achieve, making the process seem fairly simple. However, according to recent statistics, about one third of all breast implant removal procedures are performed due to the patient’s dissatisfaction with the size of their new breasts.

Until a patient has actually “tried on” their ideal breast size, they may not know what implant size will look and feel best on their body. Giving your implants a trial run can help you consider factors you may not have thought of, including how the implants look and feel with your height, weight, and your natural breast size and shape. Luckily there are some simple tricks and tips you can easily perform to help give a better idea of actual results.

The Rice Test

To help patients more accurately experience their options with implant size, we at the Bitar Cosmetic Surgery Institute recommend the rice test. The rice test is a simple experiment that involves rice and a pair of non-Ziploc® plastic bags (plain sandwich baggies). Refer to the chart below to determine how much rice to fill each baggie with to equal the implant size you are considering. If you’re not sure yet, just experiment. Measure the appropriate amount, fill two bags with the rice, and insert them into your bra. Your newly-achieved bra size will depend on the size of your natural breast combined with the size of the implant (bag of rice).

Breast Implant Rice Test

Breast Implant Measurements

Some may think that “stuffing” their bra with an actual breast implant would be a more accurate simulation of what size your new breasts would be, but an implant does not conform to the outside of the body as well as rice. The rice test, in combination with the advice of a board certified plastic surgeon, can help you make the best decision regarding the right breast implant size for you.

Prospective breast augmentation patients should also view their surgeon’s breast augmentation before and after photos and compare their natural breast shape and size – as well as the results they desire – to their surgeon’s past patients.

For prospective patients who are also experiencing sagging breasts, a breast lift with augmentation may be a more suitable procedure. Dr. Bitar can help you with all the decisions regarding your breast augmentation surgery during your initial consultation. For more information, please call (703) 206-0506.


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