Dermapen: A Non-Laser Alternative for Acne Scars and Wrinkles

Dermapen northern virginia and washington dc

Are you concerned about acne scars or facial wrinkles but are not ready to undergo a laser treatment or do not have the down time to do so? With advances in medical technology, a new device on the market can do just that:

Dermapen is an electronic, fractionated micro needling device that can help to significantly improve acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles,  pore size, stretch marks and offers overall regenerative benefits to the skin.

Dermapen northern virginia and washington dcThe nature of the Dermapen treatment is similar to a laser  treatment without the use of heat. The Dermapen creates microscopic holes into the surface of the skin inducing a “micro-injury” which encourages the body’s wound repair response to rebuild and repair collagen.  With multiple treatments spread 4-6 weeks apart, patients can expect to see improvement with their skin’s appearance.  The addition of Platelet Rich Plasma to Dermapen treatments can further enhance the results and speed up healing after each treatment.

Dermapen treatments are safe for all skin types and with very little downtime.

Discomfort is minimal and treatment is very well tolerated with the help of some topical numbing cream.  Post treatment, the patient may experience symptoms such as mild stinging and minor swelling with facial redness that can last up to 24-72 hours. However, most patients find that the short lived minor post treatment symptoms are well worth the benefits that the treatment provides.

It is also important that the patient adhere to a post treatment skin care regimen immediately post treatment and resume use of their everyday products once facial redness and irritation is no longer present.

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