Elise’s Plastic Surgery Journey

Many young women feel the pressure to keep up appearances and for Natalie Elise, that pressure is no different. As a social media influencer and Model, Elise @elise_natalie is very dependent on her looks. She came to Dr. Bitar seeking a more rejuvenated appearance. Little did she know that would be the start to an exemplary cosmetic journey with our institute.

Elise initially came in with Chloe @chloelouisedaviess, a fellow social media content creator and who also ended up getting treated. The two were a fabulous pair to have in the office. We started off by giving Elise a consultation to properly address her concerns and define a plan of action. Dr. Bitar concluded that his signature Model Lift would give her the lifted, contoured and youthfull appearance she was looking for. The Model Lift™ aims at achieving harmony between a patient’s cheek, chin, nose, lips, and jawline, by combining different fillers and neurotoxins to each of these areas. After 20 short minutes, Elise’s face was completely rejuvenated and contoured. She loved the way Dr. Bitar transformed her profile using his master technique to contour her jawline, lift her cheeks, and give her a fresh look. Elise and Chloe left the office extremely happy and excited to show off their newly enhanced beauty.

In the following months, Elise had great success with her photoshoots. Looking as stunning as ever, she was being photographed all around Europe from Santorini to Rome. As seen in the photos below, the Model lift gave Elise a radiating, feminine look.



The following year, Elise reached back out regarding a concern she had with her current breast implants done by another doctor. She felt her implants were too large and caused discomfort. Ultimately, Elise wanted to replace the implants with a smaller size for a softer, more natural look. During the consultation, Dr. Bitar walked through the procedure with Elise and made sure she was a good candidate. He carefully went over the different implant sizes and made recommendations based on what she was looking to achieve.

Following the consultation, Elise made the decision to go through with the surgery knowing she was in good hands. Dr. Bitar has performed over 2000 breast augmentations, written various scholarly articles, given lectures, and even trained other plastic surgeons on the procedure. While she was a bit nervous the day of surgery, Elise went on to talk about how much the Bitar Institute made her feel so comfortable while prepping to go into the OR. “I come back because of how welcoming everyone is here. I was nervous for my surgery, but they walked me through the entire process and made sure I felt comfortable and safe before going under. I truly appreciate the staff here at the Bitar Institute for how they treat me every single time I visit.”

Immediately after surgery, Elise felt confident that it was a success. She left the practice with all the knowledge needed for a smooth and quick recovery. She rested at one of our top-of-the-line recovery houses before coming back to the practice for her one-week post-op appointment. When she came back, the swelling had already gone down significantly and her recovery was flawless.

Elise had such a great experience that she elected to be a referral contact for patients who are considering getting a breast augmentation by Dr. Bitar. “Anyone thinking about going to Dr. Bitar for their Breast Augmentation surgery has nothing to worry about. They’d be in good hands.”.

If you’re looking to enhance, correct or simply invest in yourself, please contact our institute, and request a consultation. Call our office at 703-206-0506 or contact us via the web https://bitarinstitute.com/contact/.