Freezing Fat Away With CoolSculpting

Technology has made it a reality to achieve non-surgical fat reduction with the CoolSculpting treatment. Coolsculpting is a technology that safely and effectively reduces one’s fat by freezing the fat cells. It improves the contour of unsightly bulges of the body that are resistant to exercise and diet.

Facts About CoolSculpting

  • CoolSculpting can reduce fat by up to 22%
  • CoolSculpting does not require surgery or downtime
  • CoolSculpting is suitable for both men and women
  • CoolSculpting is a great alternative to liposuction
  • CoolSculpting is proven to be safe and effective

How the Coolsculpting Procedure Works

One of our certified Coolsculpting specialists will start by marking the treatment area with a template. A cool gel sheet is then applied to protect the skin. A suction cup device is then applied to the problem area, which suctions the skin and fat in and gently freezes the fat.

Each Coolsculpting cycle is 35 minutes long. You can comfortably watch your favorite TV show or read your favorite book while you wait!

The crystallization of fat leads to permanent clearance of these fat cells and byproducts through the lymphatic system and liver. After the procedure, our Coolsculpting specialist will massage the treatment area for about 3 minutes. Voila! You can now drive yourself back home and resume normal activities that same day.

Because it takes some time for the dead fat cells to break down and then flush out of the system, you need to pay attention to what you are eating so you do not gain weight. If you fall back into your old habits, you aren’t going to achieve satisfying results.

In most cases, you will see a reduction in fat within 2-3 months. In some cases, the final results won’t appear until six months after the treatment. Massaging the treated area can improve fat reduction by up to 68 percent after the initial two months.

Coolsculpting Pricing & Additional Information


  • Coolsculpting= $750 per cycle
  • CoolMini for the Neck & Chin = $1,000 per cycle

Package discounts apply to both procedures.

Additional Information

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