Three Ways to Correct Common Male Body Issues

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Although it may seem like society focuses almost exclusively on women’s body shape and size, men also become concerned and feel pressure about the way their bodies look. Physical changes to the body as men get older can make them feel self conscious or lead to a loss of self confidence. While no man can stop time or the changes it brings to his body, it is possible to correct a few common male body issues, through a combination of diet, exercise and plastic surgery.

Reducing “Moobs”

Formally known as gynecomastia, male breasts, or “moobs” (short for man boobs) can be an embarrassing physical attribute to develop. Men can develop breast tissue for a number of reasons, including changes in their hormone levels, their genes or medications they are taking. Gynecomastia can make it difficult for a man to enjoy particular activities, such as going to the beach or any other activity that involves being shirtless.

Surgery to reduce gynecomastia can take several forms, depending on the amount of breast tissue a man has and the size of his breasts. If the enlarged breasts are simply due to extra fat in the area, liposuction to remove the fat might be the best option.

Liposuction will only remove fat from the breast area, not actual breast tissue. If the gynecomastia is caused by both extra fat and extra breast tissue, the surgery to correct it might include liposuction as well as excision of the breast tissue. Male breasts that are a result of extra fat, breast tissue and excess skin might require a full breast reduction procedure to create a flat, smooth chest.

The amount of scarring a man has after the procedure depends on how complex it was. Liposuction usually leaves a small scar. A full breast reduction will generally require a larger incision.

Eliminating a Pancake Butt

As men get older, their buttocks tend to get flatter. Flatness in the butt area can occur as men lose fat and muscle. Having an office job that requires a lot of sitting can make a man more likely to lose fullness in the butt. There are a few ways that a man can restore shape to his buttocks, though.

One option is to do exercises that focus on building up the gluteal muscles. Squats and lunges are particularly helpful for developing the muscles in the buttocks, as are bridges and walking sideways. Along with improving the appearance of the butt, doing exercises to strengthen the muscles helps protect against back pain and injury.

Surgery is also an option if a man wants to add a little junk to his trunk. Although not very common among male patients, butt lift surgery has become considerably more popular in recent years. There has been a nearly 300 percent increase in the number of butt lifts performed on men between 2000 and 2013, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

During a buttocks augmentation surgery, the plastic surgeon removes fat from one area of the body and transfers it to the buttocks. Scarring from the procedure is usually minimal and many patients are able to get back to work after a week and back to a workout routine after a month.

Reducing a Beer Belly

While many women carry their extra fat around their hips and thighs, many men tend to accumulate extra fat in the stomach area. The so-called “beer belly” that develops can make a man feel self-conscious and unhappy with his looks. Belly fat can also create a number of health issues for men, including heart disease and diabetes.

Reducing belly fat can have a number of benefits for a man’s appearance and overall well-being. The ideal way to reduce fat in the abdominal area is through exercise and diet. Plastic surgery procedures, such as a tummy tuck, won’t help a man lose a significant amount of weight or fat.

Instead, surgical procedures are often reserved for after a man has lost a significant amount of weight and simply needs to fine tune the way the stomach area looks. A tummy tuck helps create a flat and smooth-looking abdominal area by removing extra fat and skin, after a man has reached his goal weight.

A procedure such as abdominal etching is designed specifically for the man who wants to create the appearance of a six-pack on his stomach. The surgery involves liposuction that further enhances the shape of the abdominal muscles.

Although the male patient might approach plastic surgery in a different way than the average female, he can get just as much from the procedures. In the Washington, DC area, Dr. George Bitar regularly performs surgical procedures, as well as minimally invasive procedures, on male patients. To find out more about your plastic surgery options, contact his practice today for a consultation: (703) 206-0506.

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